Kifaru Primary – Emba West

Earlier today the Embakasi West Eagle Mamas Welfare Association were @Kifaru Primary School were we held our weekly mentorship programme with the boys and girls and we also donated sanitary towels


Pastor Solomon Sila did us great honours by mentoring the boys and encouraing them, we also touched on gangs and guns. Nyokabi Mbugua led the other team in talking to the girls, and we talked about pregnancy, abortion and rape.


Not all these children can attain the number 1 postion, but as #eaglemamas, we strive to teach them good morals which will help them as they grow up to become men and women who will one day lead this great land! Raise both the boy and girl child to be responsible people when they grow up having respect for one another, and putting God first.


To God be all the Glory!

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Friends of EWEMWA, all eagle mama’s, Join us tomorrow @ Kifaru Primary School from 2pm, for our weekly Mentorship program and as we donate sanitary towels to the girls.


Mentorship @Umoja 1 Primary School

DSC_0001Earlier today the Embakasi West Eagle Mamas Welfare Association were @ Umoja 1 Primary School were we held our weekly mentorship programme with the boys and girls. Today were talked about how to deal with broken families, rape in girls, sodomy in boys, low self esteem among many other topics.
Our children are going through alot of emotional trauma, which we as parents have put them through. Some of the things that we have allowed our children to go through, is just but shocking, parents have refused to take responsibility for the actions that they have made in life, and are instead taking it out on their innocent children. If we keep mistreating our children, they will grow up with pain and hurt in their hearts and will build a wall around themselves to guide them from future hurt. They will start becoming emotionless, cold as a stone, when this happens, its the inner man that has been crying inside this shell we call a body.

You see a man dressed in a suit, but inside is a young boy who never got the attention of a father or mother, a boy who has been caged inside his own body! We see a young beautiful woman all smartly dressed, beautiful weave, nice handbag, everything of hers is a statement! But inside she is crying for the love of a father and mother. This is the main cause of marriages breaking, and people having a don’t care attitude. The woman will say, as long as I have my babies am fine, while the man will say, I will marry someone else and get other children. This is our society right now! This is how people are now living! There is however an innocent person that is paying for all this and that is our children! We’ve become a society of baby mama’s and baby daddy’s, no families, no marriages! Where can we get help from?
We first need to realise and accept that there is something wrong, otherwise if we don’t recognise the error, then how can we rectify it? We need to keep the family unit together, just as God intended it to be. We need to teach our children the importance of family. Yes a man made you pregnant and ran away, but do not take out revenge on the baby by telling them all sorts of lies. Don’t tell them ‘your father died’, don’t tell them that their fathers or mothers are loosers, instead wait until your child is old enough and explain to them what happened, so that when they grow up they will not have emotional outbursts. As difficult as it would be, you need to forgive the partner who hurt you and release them. Don’t make your children pay for something that happened to you, if it didn’t work out with the father or mother, and they want to see the baby, allow them! Let your children have that bond that they should have with their parents, if they want to. However, if the parent would harm the child (there are cases) then by all means protect the child.
If we don’t do this, not only will this current crisis escalate, but we will soon have a generation of children, who will not want to have families, they will want to be Independent, but we will have lost our children! May God help us.
Let us bring sanity back into our lives by allowing Jesus Christ as head of our families. He will always guide!